Do genetics make you fat?

‘It’s my genes’ is the most common excuse we hear clients use for looking a certain way. And they’re not talking about the denim kind. Genes are handed down through our family’s DNA and it can seem like an easy way to explain certain physical attributes. ‘My family has a history of diabetes, so what […]

Male friendly treatments for the man in your life

The Harley Clinic make it super easy for you to convince the man in your life to experience and benefit from a variety of male friendly treatments. Get him looking and feeling his best with our expert tips and the best treatments available.   Dr Baj Ranghawa from The Harley Clinic Melbourne says he’s seen an […]

Fat Freezing for Body Sculpting & Permanent Fat Reduction

Tried everything to shift those stubborn bumps on your hips or inner thighs? The Cooltech Fat Freezing treatment can get rid of them fast and easily. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise or how well you eat, there are just some parts of the body where stubborn deposits of fat can form. But you […]

5 Ways Fat Freezing Can Help Your Fitness Journey

As you may know, a fitness journey isn’t easy! It takes precise planning, consistency and pure motivation to get where you want to be physically.  But even after eating right and exercising regularly, you may notice that the pounds aren’t dropping as fast as you expected. Now, most of the time this has nothing to […]

How Fat Freezing Produces Lasting Results

theharleyclinic_weight loss

Every new generation comes across various fads that promise the slim figure that they long for. However, most realize that these short-term trends are either good for temporary results, or really no improvement at all. You simply can’t melt fat away by drinking a range of detox teas or train the “water weight” away from […]

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