Male friendly treatments for the man in your life

The Harley Clinic make it super easy for you to convince the man in your life to experience and benefit from a variety of male friendly treatments. Get him looking and feeling his best with our expert tips and the best treatments available.


Dr Baj Ranghawa from The Harley Clinic Melbourne says he’s seen an increasing number of female clients pick up a gift voucher or book a treatment for their boyfriends, brothers and fathers as they leave the clinic.

“Now more than ever we are seeing more male clients – they are increasingly taking pride in their appearance and opting for both skin and body treatments, which have traditionally been dominated by female clients,” he said.

“We know men really appreciate the efficiency and effectiveness of our treatments, which leaves them seeing an improvement as soon as they walk out the door.”

“Whether they are looking to trim down, scrub up or rejuvenate, we have a treatment to suit everyone.”


Start them slow

Sometimes you need to ease your man into the world of beauty treatments, and something simple in the form of a dermal treatment, such as microdermabrasion, is a great starting point.

A quick treatment with no pain, microdermabrasion offers instant results with a smoother, brighter complexion. Plus, the feeling of the skin texture post-treatment is guaranteed to get him hooked.

By improving the surface of the skin, men notice their moisturiser is more effective, they have less ingrown hairs and their skin is more even toned and radiant.


Trim and terrific

We always think fat reduction is for women only, but our Cooltech offering is absolutely one that men can try.

Cooltech is ideal for targeting stubborn pockets of fat that won’t move, regardless of how many visits to the gym you make. The most popular areas for men to have treated include love handles, tummy fat, man boobs, double chin and even areas such as arms and thighs.

So, if you think the man in your life is keen on looking tauter and more toned for the summer months, a series of Cooltech treatments could be the perfect gift for him.


Show you care… about his hair

The Harley Clinic is a proud partner of DHI Global Medical Group, working together to provide the best technology in hair restoration.

“Male hair loss is without a doubt one of the biggest concerns we see in our male customer database,” says DHI Australia Medical Group founder Mikko Myllymaki.

“Our doctors use direct hair implantation (DHI), which is a simple hair transplant process. It involves using the clients own hair to achieve a more natural look, and the technology yields consistent and natural results.”


If the male in your life would love to have a guiding hand in looking his best, but you’re not sure where to start, our professional medical team offer a complimentary consultations for all treatments.

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