Bridal beauty: look and feel your best walking down the aisle

First comes love, followed by the ring, then comes CoolTech, Factor4, fillers and all the extras needed to get yourself wedding-day ready. That’s where we can help.

The planning process for a wedding can seem never-ending – there’s the guest list, the dress, the flowers… Finally, it all comes together to create the perfect day. But just as important as those details is the bride’s confidence – she needs to look and feel her best.

The preparation of your body and skin starts long before the week of the wedding and we love working with brides to help them achieve their goals ahead of their trip down the aisle.

So, what do we recommend for a blushing bride-to-be? We develop an individualised treatment plan for every client at The Harley Clinic, but some of the most common, pre-wedding treatments are those that help to get skin in top condition, as well as any that help boost body confidence.

“CoolTech has been increasingly popular among brides coming into clinic,” says Jacqui Shackles, our CoolTech expert.

“We can do cellulite treatments, too. Those slinky dresses show all the sins, so brides these days are looking at every option to get themselves feeling body confident.

“CoolTech is fantastic because it is a permanent fat-removal solution. It freezes fat cells, which are then eliminated from the body, and you’re left with a smoother line. It’s fantastic for those tough spots like tuckshop arms, bra bulge and outer thighs – all common problem areas when picking out the perfect wedding gown.”

The most common reason brides visit The Harley Clinic is to get their skin in peak condition for the wedding day.

“We all know make-up artists are magicians, but there are only so many tricks they have up their sleeves to cover bad skin,” says dermal specialist Mignonne Malan.

“We like to help get the canvas in top condition, so the make-up is simply a finishing touch.

“We can absolutely go with the standard treatments, like facials, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, fillers and injectables, which all offer great results. But we want to help brides get the wow factor and can recommend some more advanced treatments that completely change the game.

“Factor4, often referred to as the vampire facial – yes, like the one Kim Kardashian had – is an advanced, targeted anti-ageing treatment. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and scars, as well as create a better skin texture and more youthful appearance overall. It’s one of our best treatments.”

With Factor4 we work with the proteins in your own blood, incubating, spinning and filtering it to create a highly concentrated, powerful serum. We then micro-needle the skin surface and administer the serum, which releases its own growth factors. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and helps rejuvenate the skin.

The other treatment brides often consider is the Ultraformer III. In short, this treatment offers the benefits of a non-invasive face lift.

“The Ultraformer III tightens skin and activates the muscles below the surface,” says Mignonne.

“It also helps to improve skin tone and texture. We are able to tailor this treatment to individual needs and ensure a bride looks 100 per cent natural but far more radiant on her big day.”

These procedures aren’t quick options, though. We recommend beginning your treatment program as early as possible to ensure you’re confident with it and to give yourself plenty of time to get the best result.

Call us today to book a consultation, and one of our clinicians will help map your trip to total confidence as you head down the aisle.

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