All you need to know about… Collagen 

You might have heard that increasing your collagen intake or adding it to your daily routine can help with a skin’s firmness and general appearance. And while it might seem like a new trend, collagen is actually produced naturally by our bodies. Here we explain what it is and the steps you can take to […]

Bridal beauty: look and feel your best walking down the aisle

First comes love, followed by the ring, then comes CoolTech, Factor4, fillers and all the extras needed to get yourself wedding-day ready. That’s where we can help. The planning process for a wedding can seem never-ending – there’s the guest list, the dress, the flowers… Finally, it all comes together to create the perfect day. […]

MDerma Skin Needling: Youthful Skin, the Easy Way

Looking for a way to get ride of those wrinkles and fine lines without going through treatments that can have extensive downtime? Well, you’re in luck because the Harley Clinic’s MDerma Skin Needling does just that! Our skin needling therapy is a quick and virtually painless treatment that will allow you to have the smoother […]

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