Slowing down the ageing process

We all dream of having skin that doesn’t age, wrinkle or damage, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. While many of us fear anti-wrinkle treatments, The Harley Clinic has multiple tips and tricks that allow you to control the process.  How are wrinkles formed? Young youthful skin is full of collagen that keeps your skin […]

Bridal beauty: look and feel your best walking down the aisle

First comes love, followed by the ring, then comes CoolTech, Factor4, fillers and all the extras needed to get yourself wedding-day ready. That’s where we can help. The planning process for a wedding can seem never-ending – there’s the guest list, the dress, the flowers… Finally, it all comes together to create the perfect day. […]

Invasive face lifts are a thing of the past

With age comes wisdom… and, more often than not, saggy, baggy, tired-looking skin!   Many people are scared to commit to a full-face lift, given the invasive nature of the procedure, the exorbitant costs and the general fear of completely changing your appearance – so can you blame them? We don’t! The Harley Clinic take […]

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