All you need to know about… Collagen 

You might have heard that increasing your collagen intake or adding it to your daily routine can help with a skin’s firmness and general appearance. And while it might seem like a new trend, collagen is actually produced naturally by our bodies. Here we explain what it is and the steps you can take to […]

The best diet for weight loss

No sugar. Low carb, high fat. No fat, high protein. High fat, high protein. Intermittent fasting. Atkins. Duckan. Paleo. Alkaline. The list of specialised diets people will try in an attempt to lose weight quickly and easily goes on and on. But counting calories, eliminating food groups and generally spending hours every day thinking about […]

Slowing down the ageing process

We all dream of having skin that doesn’t age, wrinkle or damage, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. While many of us fear anti-wrinkle treatments, The Harley Clinic has multiple tips and tricks that allow you to control the process.  How are wrinkles formed? Young youthful skin is full of collagen that keeps your skin […]

Significance of sunscreen this summer

Are you currently wearing sunscreen? If not, you should be. Even if you’re indoors, ultra-violet (UV) waves are hitting your skin, slowly damaging collagen production and reducing your skin’s elasticity. There are two types of sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays to prevent them from reaching your skin. Physical sunscreens use ingredients such as zinc […]

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