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DHI AustraliaThe Harley Clinic proudly presents the partnership with The Global Leader in hair restoration, DHI Medical Group.

DHI Direct Hair Implantation is the simplest, most advanced hair transplant yet. Through research, education, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss since 1970 DHI has accumulated a strong understanding on how to help people who are disturbed by their hair loss.

There are myriad of treatments available for hair loss. Most of them are mainly preventative and aiming for slowing down the hair loss process. However, from our experience, many of us are not prepared to stay on hair loss medication for rest of their lives. Would you? DHI Direct Hair

Implantation is a simple hair transplant process that yields consistent and undetectable results. Best of all, it is all your own hair and it grows naturally.

Are you suffering from hair loss? Please get in touch. Our experts at DHI Australia will be able to assist you with bringing your own hair back. Read more about Direct Hair Implantation here.


DHI Australia – Before and After Pictures

We have gathered some examples of the great results produced by DHI Australia below.

DHI Australia hair transplant before and after

DHI Australia hair transplant before and after

DHI Australia hair transplant before and after


Consumer Guide to Hair Transplants and Hair loss treatmentLooking for information on hair loss?

Often the first step to doing something about your hair loss or hair loss of a partner or family member is knowing where to start. DHI Australia have made this easy. To get started you can download the free consumer guide to hair loss and hair transplants. In this educational guide you can learn about the causes behind hair loss and information about many of the treatments that are available on the market.

Click here to download your free guide to hair loss.


Looking for a free Personalised Quote?

Get started today with a personalised quote with DHI and find out why they are a cut above every other hair transplant clinic in Australia. Click here to get started with a free, personalised quote.

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